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Nicholas Chistiakov is a Belarusian-American Artist whose oeuvre ranges from photo-based paintings and deconstructivist works to geometric abstraction. Chistiakov studied painting at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts in Minsk. His first mature work was a series of paintings depicting museum scenes, which he created in New York (his home since 2004).

His recent work combines abstraction and representation, which he calls deconstructivism. His output includes portraits, landscapes, figurative compositions, animal paintings, cityscapes, seascapes, still lifes, nudes, abstract paintings, and sculptures. His Website ( contains an archive of all his work, from 1999 to the present. Text for the site is in nine languages—with the English, Russian and Belarusian text rendered through human translation, and the rest using automated translation.

You can navigate through the various galleries to find: drawing, painting, photo based painting, abstract painting, sculpture, and photography. Works are also listed chronologically (Under “Timeline”). The site also features a blog, with posts on contemporary art happenings in New York, biographical material on major artists past and present, and information about art collectors.

To request information on any particular work(s), please contact the artist via e-mail:

ABSTRACT PAINTING. This section contains multiple series, showcasing the artist’s use of various types/techniques of abstraction: accidental, decorative, grids, and mirrors. Accidental abstraction refers to works created by chance—applying a squeegee to paint on a canvass, for example.

DRAWING. Includes works from the beginning of the artist’s career, which demonstrate traditional treatment of media and form; plus examples using more contemporary approaches to form/content; and minimalist compositions using only a few well defined pencil lines

PAINTING. This series of paintings, influenced by the artist’s mental breakdown and commitment to a psychiatric hospital in 2007, features monsters, horror, death, and other dark impulses. This style, unfamiliar at the time, replaced his photorealist style with a more abstract treatment of reality. Later he would describe this style as deconstructivism.

PHOTO BASED PAINTING. These are examples of what might be called traditionally beautiful pictures, with a smooth and delicate style. Many of these photorealist paintings feature Old Masters paintings in the background, showing the interplay between contemporary visitors and paintings in the background. The slightly blurred effect suggests Gerhard Richter, or pictures from old photo albums.

PHOTOGRAPHY. Chistiakov often uses photographs as source material for his paintings, and some of these preparatory photographs are works of art in themselves.

SCULPTURE. Experiments in contemporary sculpture, existing mostly as sketches.